Student Creed

We are a Black Belt School
We are on a Quest to be our Best
We will be Gentle and Kind
but Ferocious in Combat

We will be respectful towards others,
Superior or Inferior, Friend or Foe

We will Love what is Good and Just
and Shun what is Evil

We will Abide in Gentleness, Respect, and Agape Love.

Black Belt Creed

(SWAT Creed)

This is my Generation
The Black Belt Generation
I was born for such a time as this.
My future is secure and my presence makes sense.
I have purpose and potential
My steps are in order
I am destined to succeed

I do not need popularity
I am not impressed by superiority
My position is already secure

I am limited only by my actions
I produce excellence by my own attitude

This is my Generation
It was waiting for me to arrive
I am here, and it will not be the same