The Professional Karate Institute has programs for all ages and walks of life. Our most popular programs are listed here. To find out more information on what program best fits you, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Little Dragons

Location: All locations

Our Little Dragons program is for pre-schoolers ages 4-6 years. The program is designed to build confidence, coordination and awareness at this impressionable development age. Students begin to develop athletic skills as well as social etiquette. The primary focus of this program is to develop core martial arts principles in these students that prepares them to be successful all the way through adulthood.

Young Samurai

Location: All locations

Our Young Samurai program is designed for children ages 7-10 years. The program is designed to promote self confidence, athleticism and awareness. Students begin to develop the pillars of a champion which include: Speed, Focus, Power, Intensity, Accuracy and Excellence! The primary focus of this program is to provide a safe recreation activity for children to develop their own character for future success. The program also equips parents and the entire family unit to positively handle issues that may arise in our current society.

Samurai Scholars

Location: All locations

Our Samurai Scholars program is designed for children ages 10-12 years. The program is designed to reinforce confidence and help children understand their roles in being productive members of the community. This program focuses on more aggressive training goals and objectives, and enabling success by locking into first things first.

Modern Samurai

Location: San Antonio location only

Our Modern Samurai program is designed for 17 year old high school students that are challenged to complete the requirements for accomplishing a high school diploma. The program provides an environment designed to enable these particular students an alternative to public high school. The Ju Ki Do Leadership training provides Physical fitness development, Self-defense training and Leadership training.

Teen / Adults

Location: All locations

Our Teen program is designed for young adults ages 13 and over. The program smoothly transitions into our adult program which students move into at age 17. This program focuses on mature aspects of practical self defense along with competitive sport martial arts. Students gain a deeper understanding of martial arts and life in general. The program is designed to appeal to all walks of life from the casual fitness conscious individual to the extreme martial arts enthusiast.

Boot Camp

Location: San Antonio location only

Boot Camp programs are designed for all ages, and governed to ensure a complete and fun workout to all that participate.

Cage Fit

Location: San Antonio location only

The Cage Fit program is designed to train a person’s mind and body to endure a 25-minute cage fight. The training involves cardio vascular training along with strength, endurance and skill. Most sessions end with combative drills designed to accelerate the development of skill and muscle preparation for performance.


Location: San Antonio location only

The lighter version of Cage Fit is designed to prepare the body to meet extreme fitness goals. The HIIT Fit program (High Intensity Interval Training) targets people of all physical condition levels with the intention of increasing their physical condition in preparation for martial arts training. The training is accompanied by a well thought out meal plan and accountability for weight and body measurements.

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Location: San Antonio location only

Yoga is a very powerful experience. Aside from improving muscle strength and flexibility, yoga helps connect you with the moral and higher ground of everyday life situations. Through consistent yoga practice we become more consciously aware of every moment, leading to better decision making in times of difficulty. Yoga is for everyone and is not a competition, not one person is better than anyone else, it is a journey not a destination. We show up to unfold the infinite potentials of the human mind, body and soul.