Kyoshi Ivan Ujueta

Kyoshi Ivan Ujueta with Katana

Ivan Ujueta is the Kyoshi of the Professional Karate Institute, PKI, and the founder of the style of Ju Ki Do mixed martial arts. His study in the martial arts spans over 40 years. His training began at age 13, at the Japanese Kodokan Dojo in Queens, New York, encompassing the styles of, Judo, Jujitsu, and Aikido. At age 14, in Manhattan, NY, he studied Nisei Goju Karate, a formidable system of five styles, founded by Grandmaster Frank Ruiz, under Grandmaster Chaka Zulu. At the age of 17, he moved to California where he studied Shaolin Kung Fu ( the study of 18 ancient weapons).

He has studied and taught the following styles:

  • Five Animal Shaolin Kung Fu with primary emphasis on Wing Chun
  • the Art of Naked Kill (utilizing over 250 household items transforming them into lethal weapons of self-defense)
  • Kyokushinkai Karate (meaning "ultimate truth in combat”) founded by the late master Oyama and known as the only man to ever fight a bull barehanded
  • Kempo Karate
  • Okinawan Karate
  • Tae Kwon Do
  • Tang Soo Do
  • T'ai-Chi Ch'uan
  • Brazillian Jiu Jit Su

For 11 years, Mr. Ujueta lived, out of the realm of society, as a Zen Buddhist monk while studying and instructing in California. During this time, he trained for one year with veteran Special Forces learning practical hand-to-hand combat. This experience, along with his studies in the various styles, gave him the opportunity to work as a bodyguard for many VIPs and high profile dignitaries.

From all of his experiences, he developed Ju Ki Do, which means: the “Gentle Powerful Way”. Ju Ki Do is centered on three major principles: the moral law, the laws of physics, and the spiritual laws. His personal conviction is that every style offers something, yet limits one to a style that restricts the mind, body, and spirit from reaching its full potential. He calls Ju Ki Do "The Master's Blend", because it brings together the best of all styles. Under the supervision of Professor Bruno Azevedo and his Professor Luis Sergio "Marra" Correa, the style of Brazilian Jujitsu was also added to Ju Ki Do.

In 1984, Mr. Ujueta accepted Christ as Lord. His new relationship with Jesus gave him a new vision. In 1988, he established PKI with the concept of “building champions” in the home and community. In 1989, he was officially ordained as a Pastor. Christianity transformed him into a ‘godly’ warrior.

He currently teaches at PKI in the Ju Ki Do style and is the Pastor of the Homeplace Fellowship in Helotes, TX. He is married, has five children, and nine grandchildren. He is living the "Gentle Powerful Way" and is helping others do the same thing.