Family Vision Center

Family Vision Center was established in 1997 originally as Vision Chapel, for the sole purpose of reaching people to the saving grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ. Our ministries are many in fulfilling this task. JU-KI-DO, meaning the gentle powerful way of life, ministers to the unity of the body, soul, and spirit. As a result, students learn how to disable persons from going wrong and enable them to go right. Many crimes are committed today against God and humanity, mostly due to a person's lack of purpose and self-esteem. Psychologists find these truths to be evident. We believe that through the ministry of JU-KI-DO, a person's self-knowledge will correct this behavior and lead them to live the life we call the "Gentle Powerful Way of Life."

Family Vision Center accepts and embraces people from all walks of life. We will never turn anyone away regardless of their finances, religion, race, creed, or ethnic background.