Samurai Summer Camp 2017

Jun 12, 2017 to Aug 11, 2017

PKI MMA of San Antonio
5871 Babcock Rd
San Antonio, TX 78240

The Professional Karate Institute Mixed Martial Arts’ Samurai Summer Camp, is a 8 week program filled with fun activities and lessons designed to teach life changing principles to children ages 7 - 12.

This year’s theme is BUSHIDO, which literally translated means “the way of the warrior.” Modernized bushido teaching consists of 7 principles, which will be presented and explored during the 9 week camp. The principles are: righteousness, courage, benevolence, respect, truth, honor, and loyalty.

The principles will be taught through exciting drills and exercises, and in relation to our martial arts system called Ju Ki Do, which literally translated means “the gentle powerful way.”

Fun Activities

It’s Nerf or nothing this summer as students are able to engage in various action packed Nerf games. From simple target practice to fortress defender, students will work on mental discipline, reaction time, and accuracy!

Through the teaching, learning and playing of various multi-player card games, students will learn impulse control, critical mathematical skills, focus, and strategy.

The game of chess is one of the world’s most popular two player games. Students will learn critical thinking skills and methods of strategy development this summer through the game of chess.

The warrior would not be balanced, nor complete without an awareness or appreciation for culture and the arts. This summer, students will be educated on various aspects of modern art and culture including music, painting, literature and film.

Arguably the most anticipated activity of this summer will be the hand to hand and padded weapon training. Students will have the opportunity to engage in a multitude of exercises designed to develop strength, focus, speed, dexterity, and flexibility. These confidence building exercises provide immeasurable life lesson opportunities, while effectively developing the success mindset of the warrior.


Call (210) 690 - 5300 or see your instructor.


Registration Fee: $60
Weekly Tuition: $150 per week (Standard) / $125 per week (Black Belt Club Members)
Siblings: $100 per week
Daily Drop in: $45 per day

Register before June 2, 2017 to receive a free t-shirt.

Daily drop in students must be registered prior to the day of drop in.