Once enrolled into one of our various programs, you will have the opportunity to attend a combination of the following classes.

Ju - Ki - Do

Ju Ki Do is our formal mixed martial arts program. Ju Ki Do "The Gentle Powerful Way" is the mixed fighting system developed by Ivan Ujueta which blends both “hard” and “soft” styles of fighting. This is classic martial arts training from the best of 13 major fighting styles. The “Ju” shared by Judo and Jiu-jitsu is literally translated as gentle or yielding. The “Ki” in Ju Ki Do represents the hard direct styles of fighting and literally means power. To appreciate this one must understand that nearly all fighting styles can be categorized as hard or soft. To be a soft style means that the system teaches its students to redirect an opponent’s force against him. Jiu-Jitsu and Wing Chun are good examples of this. To be a hard style simply means that the system teaches its students how to apply direct force to an opponent and to block or absorb an opponent’s force. Karate and Kickboxing styles are good examples of this. Having studied both hard and soft styles Ujueta saw ways to connect them and cause them to flow together without wrinkle. Over two decades of development the Ju KI Do system has been called a living system that shows its practitioners how to flow harmoniously between hard and soft techniques and becoming independent from style or form. Currently it draws from 13 different martial arts styles to train students in this concept. Knowing how to use your opponents force against him, knowing how to generate and use force against your opponent, and knowing when to do each. This is Ju Ki Do.

Specialty Weapons

Students that have earned a Green Belt ranking and higher, are eligible for specialty weapons training. The Ju-Ki-Do system, being comprised of various styles, incorporates various weapon systems as well. Weapon training enhances the ability of the student to perform all techniques with more precision and accuracy. Our weapon training incorporates both the practical and sport aspects of martial arts weaponry.

Cage Fit!

A primary benefit and objective of martial arts training is fitness. Cage Fit is a whole body fitness program for students of all ages and ranks. The program is flexible enough to give each person the workout that they desire. The design of each class is to run in 3 "rounds". Each round has various stations where students experience an intense focus on a certain muscle group for a period of time until they peak, and then switch to a new station. The completion of a round results in the workout of the entire body. The first round is typically designed for cardiovascular training. Round two is strength and endurance. And finally round three is skill and technique application.